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> Founded in 1991
> Based in Taichung,
> Innovator of modern
   bicycle shaft drive
> Hold patents on
   shaft drive
> First shaft drives to
   work with Shimano    7/8-speed hubs
> Innovators of first
   STI-style road bike
   shifter for Shimano
   8-speed hubs

Our Company

Sussex specializes in developing and manufacturing OEM bicycle components that make bicycles easier to operate and easier to maintain, while delivering great performance and value.

Sussex is the world's most experienced manufacturer of Shaft Drive Transmission Systems (SDTS) for bicycles, recognized around the world for it's premium quality product. Sussex has been manufacturing the original 'chainless bicycle' using its SDTS since 1991. We have developed and patented this system to add unique functionality to bicycles. The shaft drive transmission system uses specially-made spiral bevel gears and sealed bearings to rotate a carbon-steel shaft rod inside the precision machined aluminum housing. This shaft drive system replaces traditional chain/derailleur systems with a super smooth, clean, efficient, durable way to transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel without the grease, mess and maintenance of chains and derailleurs. Our shaft drive transmission system is protected by patents in many countries and our chainless bicycle have achieved worldwide recognition as safe, smooth, and high quality.

Sussex also developed and manufactures the Versa line of road and mountain bike components for Shimano's internally geared hubs. The innovative Versa road bike STI-style shifter and crankset enable bike manufacturers to build high performance, low weight unique road bikes using Shimano advanced 8-speed internal hubs. The Versa VRS-8 shifter-brake lever is the first STI-style shifter ever developed for Shimano's internal hubs. In addition, Sussex also offers matching Versa crankset options made specifically for the Shimano internal hubs using single chainrings and BCD's specific for road and mountain bikes.

Our Commitment

We are committed to produce the highest quality products for both the bicycle manufacturers and end users. Customers can expect high quality service, competitive prices, on-time delivery and product guarantees. As well, we are committed to continue innovation and to constantly improve our products to meet consumer demand.

Sussex Enterprises Bicycle Components