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Our Products

Sussex manufactures products designed specifically to enhance the performance and versatility of the Shimano internal hubs. Our high quality components offer great value and excellent durability for a wide variety of applications. Bicycles using our components are currently used for recreational touring, commuting, fitness riding, law enforcement, public bike share programs, and industrial applications.

Shaft Drive System (SDS)

The Shaft Drive System (SDS) has been in production since 1991. Our next generation shaft drive uses an innovative combination of precision machined chromoly spiral bevel gears, shaft rod, sealed bearings and a patented bottom bracket design to deliver a smooth, consistent power transfer from the pedals the to rear wheel, with NO EXTERNAL MOVING PARTS. This results in many advantages versus externally geared chain-driven bikes and belt-driven bikes. Click Here for More Details...

Versa Components

The Versa Road Shifters are the first road-style shifter levers developed specifically to create internally geared road bikes and drop bar commuter bicycles. The Versa VRS-8 and VRS-11 integrated shifter-brake levers are STI-style (Shimano Total Integration) levers that combine shifting and braking into a single integrated lever mounted on drop-style handlebars. Click Here for More Details...

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