Shaft Drive vs. Chain

Features Shaft Drive System Chain system
Maintenance Low -
No chain, no grease, no pain / Simple internal gear shifting
High -
Dirty and greasy chain / Complicated derailleur and chainwheel system

Gears will not fray / Gears in an enclosed shaft-drive

Broken chain
Falling chain
Efficiancy Consistently 90%-94% 75% - 97% depending on condition
Lifespan Up to 10,000 miles 2,000 - 2,500 miles
Repair & Replacement Cost Low - no external parts to damage; shaft drive easy and inexpensive to replace High - all parts wear and will need expensive replacements
Noise Low High
Movement Smooth/continuous Rough/uncontinuous
Assembly Simple Complicated
Handling Safe - no external sharp or greasy parts Hazardous - all sharp and greasy parts exposed

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