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Shaft Drive System (SDS)

The Shaft Drive System (SDS) has been in production since 1991. Our new generation of shaft drive uses bevel gears made of heat treated cromoly, paired with high quality sealed cartridge bearings coupled to a steel shaft rod – all sealed inside a lightweight, durable alloy housing. Our patended design delivers a smooth, consistent power transfer from the pedals the to rear wheel, while giving the bike a sleek, modern look. Click Here to View the Shaft Drive Animation.

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The Sussex SDS can work on a wide range of frames including 700C city/hybrid frames, 26" Cruiser frames, 26" mountain bike frames, and 20" folding bike frames. See Example Bicycles Using the SDS. Sussex has also developed specialized components to integrate the shaft drive with Shimano's advanced 7-speed and 8-speed internally geared hubs. Our unique design minimizes weight and increases efficiency and performance far beyond any other shaft drive on the market. By combining our SDS with the Shimano hubs, our bikes deliver a uniquely smooth ride, high performance and low maintenance. We have also developed high quality crank arms made specifically for our shaft drive in multiple lengths and color finishes.


The Shaft Drive System (SDS) can be ordered in a variety of finishes, lengths and gear ratios -- making it easy to configure bicycles for a wide variety of bike models, riding styles, terrain and aesthetic looks.
Sussex Shaft Drive Finish Options

SDS Specifications




BB Type

Square Taper

Square Taper

Gear Ratios

2.07, 2.38

2.07, 2.38

Shaft Lengths

390mm - 460mm

390mm - 460mm


Polish Silver

E.D. Color


Shimano Nexus/Alfine

Shimano Nexus/Alfine

SDS Crank Arm Specifications



Crank Arms

Forged Alloy, Anodized

Crank Lengths

170mm, 175mm


Blast Black, Blast Silver or Polish Silver

The SDS is packaged in cartons of eight. Typical lead time on OEM orders is 45-60 days. The SDS can be ordered for OEM in quantities of 200 or more. Sussex does not sell the SDS directly to consumers.Sussex can assist you in designing of confirming frame designs. If you would like ideas for a bicycle design or want to see examples of bicycles that other customers of ours have produced, see these complete Bicycles.

How to Order

If you would like a quotation on ordering the Shaft Drive System or would like assistance developing a shaft drive bicycle for your market, please call Sussex in Taiwan at + 886 4 2568 1288, or send an email to







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